Tatamagouche Brewing Co.

At our open concept brewery, we offer complimentary sampling as well as an ever changing menu of our organic beer available as 4oz pours ($2) each and 10 oz pours for $6 each. During brew days you are able to sit, drink and watch the brewer create the very thing you are drinking!  In 2014 we transformed the old butcher shop as well as the village library into the brewery, retail and tasting area. This two-headed place is our home and it inspired us to make good beer for good people. Beer that just happens to be a mix of the traditional and the unexpected. We are the Tatamagouche Brewing Company. Let's raise a glass to Pure Tatamagoodness.

If you are travelling, please visit our website www.tatabrew.com and we will ship beer to your home, across Canada!