Submit Printed Passport

Instructions for submitting Printed Passports

Print Passports with at least 15 Trail Stop stamps are eligible for our t-shirt contest. Have a clear photo of your passport ready then register below to enter the contest.

You’ll be asked to provide your contact and address information which we’ll use for t-shirt shipping.

Need help registering or sending photos?

Email Us

How to Win

  1. 1Collect 15 stamps to receive a free Good Cheer Trail t-shirt.*
  2. 2Collect 10 stamps or more to be eligible for the Grand Prize draws.
  3. 3Grab your phone and take a picture of your stamped passport (make sure we can see all your stamps).
  4. 4Submit your photo(s) here
  5. 5Follow the prompts and upload your picture(s) to be entered for the Good Cheer Trail Grand Prize draws and to claim t-shirts.

*Limited number of t-shirts available. T-shirts will be supplied on a first-come first-served basis.