Steinhart Distillery

Craft distilling is a rich Steinhart family tradition over 300 years in the making. Thomas Steinhart still remembers coming of age in rural Germany, where he spent many happy hours helping his grandfather stoke the wood-fired still. Though the fire has long since extinguished and the family farm has been sold, the joy of using natural ingredients to craft superb spirits is still ablaze in Thomas’ memory. Thomas Steinhart is a bold personality, with a flair for rebellion and living life on his own terms. Now, after travelling the world for work, Thomas is ready to settle down on his farm in Antigonish, NS, and revive his family’s heritage by launching Steinhart Distillery. When coming to Steinhart Distillery you will have the option to experience a tour of the distillery and taste some of our famous products. We have a wide range of cocktails on our menu; anywhere from gin and tonics to our special sweetheart drink. Not only do you get to experience our friendly staff but you get to enjoy our beautiful view of the northumberland straight. Come on out and give us a try.