Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards

Lightfoot & Wolfville is a Demeter-certified biodynamic farm-winery located in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia on Canada’s Atlantic coast. The name of the winery - “Lightfoot & Wolfville” - represents the connection of people and place (Lightfoot is our surname and Wolfville being the name of the town), a relationship that is at the heart of everything we do. While our journey in wine growing first began in 2009 with the initial planting of grapevines, our family’s farming roots go back eight generations in the Annapolis Valley - four generations on our current home farm land where the winery sits today. Our focus is on cool-climate wines that speak of their origin, including traditional method sparkling wines, aromatic whites, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In addition to nurturing nearly 40 acres of grapevines for wine production, we operate as a working biodynamic farm that also grows ingredients for the winery’s farm-to-table restaurant, including heirloom vegetables, herbs, grass-fed Highland beef, Southdown lamb and Mangalitsa pork. Aiming to achieve self-sufficiency as much as possible, forage for the livestock is also grown on-site and waste materials such as grape pomace and livestock manure are composted and fed back to the soil. Our winery hospitality facility, opened in 2017, features a wine shop, tasting room and full-service event venue where we serve our wines alongside local in-season ingredients, connecting guests with the unique terroir of Nova Scotia.