Storehouse Tavern at Fortress of Louisbourg

Drink in the cheery atmosphere of the Storehouse Tavern. Surrounded by stone architecture and hand-crafted reproduction furniture, you’ll feel you have been transported to another time and place. Your servers are “residents” of the town, complete with period costume, and will invite you to sample an authentic taste of the past.

Flow from the tavern into the interactive exhibit area dedicated to the history of rum, the most popular drink in Louisbourg 300 years ago. Test your knowledge with our trivia screen and learn the story behind Fortress™ Rum. Inspired by the historic rum trade of New France, this signature spirit is aged in oak barrels at the Fortress of Louisbourg. A range of craft beer and cider is also available to sample, selected for local connections and distinguished flavours. Are you a history buff? You can discover how each of these products connects to the authentic story of Louisbourg through virtual tasting experiences, to be enjoyed at the tavern or on your journey home.

Stay tuned to our events calendar, for evening experiences filled with music, laughter and lantern-light. Connect with friends and family, just as Fortress residents did 300 years ago. À la santé and cheers!